In Oxford since 1981

Established by Elizabeth Humble-Thomas who has over 30 years experience, which means she knows everything there is to know about feet! Oxford Feet is a well-equipped and well-regarded modern practice with good links to all the local GPs and hospitals. 

"I qualified in 1981 after spending three years studying at the London Foot Hospital. I then spent a couple of years in the NHS in west Oxfordshire before I began practicing at 3 George Street.  When I joined the practice I increased the scope of the practice introducing nail surgery, silicone toe braces and orthotics and established Oxford Feet as it is today. I am at Oxford Feet for two and a half days per week.

Liz Humble-Thomas

Principal Podiatrist

I have a huge amount of experience, having come across and treated most foot problems during my career. I also have the insight to know when a patient would be better referred to another specialism.  I thoroughly enjoy my work, in particular working out the cause of each person's foot problem and then how best to remedy it.

"I especially enjoy the relief that my treatment can give, and the positive effect it has on my patients' lives."



Receptionist and Foot Health Professional 

Ettie joined the practise in March 2018 as a receptionist. Whilst working in the clinic she has qualified as a Foot Health Professional and is now going on to do her Podiatry training.

As a foot health professional she is able to deal with Nail cutting, straightforward hard skin removal and minor corns. 

A confident and competent nail painter, she has a selection of nail varnish colours. This is a treatment you can add to your appointment for only £12. 

She offers appointment's in clinic on both a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, she also offers home visits around Oxford.

Please contact the clinic for appointments here with her or for a home visit please contact her on 07377278414.

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Podiatrist and Chiropodist - What's the difference?

Chiropody became a protected profession in 2003 and the name was changed to Podiatry (which is internationally recognised). Previously it was possible to study for a year and receive a certificate in Chiropody.  Now the titles Chiropodist/Podiatrist can only be used by those who have a university degree, or who qualified with a Diploma prior to the introduction of Degrees.
Always check the qualifications of your practitioner. Look out for the following letters to know they are qualified- 

Always check the qualifications of your practitioner. Look out for the following letters to know they are qualified:

  • HCPC Registered

  • MChS/FChS – Member/Fellow of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

  • DPodM – Diploma in Podiatric medicine

  • FCPodS – Podiatric Surgeon

  • Bsc (Hons) POD – Bachelor of Science degree in Podiatric Medicine

“At Oxford Feet, the comfort of your feet is the most important thing to us. We aim to give you the most affordable and comfortable treatment available to us. We have solved countless problems for fellow foot sufferers over the years, if you're struggling, or know someone who is, why not pop in or give us a ring for a chat and we'll be able to help you out!'

Liz Humble-Thomas